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You should include the following:
  • First Name
  • Geographical Area
  • Type of Dancing
  • Level of Dancing
  • Competition Dancing or Not

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    Sue – young 63 year old looking for a tall  male dance partner (50- 65 years old) in the Baltimore-Washington area for social ballroom, west coast swing, and country couples (Two-Step, etc.).  I am at the novice-intermediate level and compete with a pro in county western.  Would like to do couples competition with the right partner.  My email address is



    Located in East Bay(Fremont, Ca)

    Looking for a female dance partner 5ft-5'3ft ages 15-25

    Preferable Interest in Bachata and Salsa, but open to any style as long as its partners and we can have fun as well as learn.

    I Have a few years of on and off dancing and would love to get to a competing level.

    Meet Up 2-3 times weekly

    Serious Inquiries may Contact me: Jorge- (510) 449-6729



  • First Name : Lisa
  • Geographical Area: NorthEast, Vermont
  • Type of Dancing: Latin, Ballroom, and any others that seem to fit the bill. I like them all and enjoy learning new ones all the time. I want a partner that will enjoy learning them with me. Eventually would like to compete
  • Level of Dancing: Beginner/Intermediate: Depending on the dance I have had more practice in some. And some I have been out of for 10 years but you never lose it. You gain it back.
  • Competition Dancing or Not: I would like to yes.




    First Name                                       DOMINIQUE

     Geographical Area                         PORTLAND, OREGON

    Type of Dancing                             INT’L BALLROOM STANDARD AND LATIN

    Level of Dancing                             GOLD/SILVER, Amateur

    Competition Dancing or Not         YES, COMPETITION

    HEIGHT                                             5’ 3"

    AGE                                                   13

    Gender                                               Female



    PLEASE EMAIL TO antinglu @



  • First Name:
  • Alexis
  • Type of Dancing
  • Latin/ Cuban ballroom 

  • Level of Dancing
  • Amateur 

  • Competition Dancing or Not
  • Hopefully yes I'm very agile I pick up dances and I know how to work, would love to find someone who could possibly train me further and go on to do compete maybe, this partnership will be strictly platonic. Please contact me 
  • Alexispierre @ btinternet . com



  • First Name:
  • Alexis
  • Type of Dancing
  • Latin/ Cuban ballroom 

  • Level of Dancing
  • Amateur 

  • Competition Dancing or Not
  • Hopefully yes I'm very agile I pick up dances and I know how to work, would love to find someone who could possibly train me further and go on to do compete maybe, this partnership will be strictly platonic. Please contact me 
  • Alexispierre @ btinternet . com




First Name : Chloe

· Geographical Area : South London/Surrey

· Type of Dancing: Ballet(soft shoe and/or point), tap, contemporary            

· Level of Dancing: Preferably above grade 3 in all.            

· Competition Dancing or Not: Not necessarily, just for fun :)


I'm looking for a male dance partner between the ages of about 15-17 who knows at least one type of dancing listed above and who's willing to meet up regularly to practice.


Email me at:



Hello, my name is Amber, I am a 14 year old female looking for a Male latin and ballroom dance partner aged 13-16. I am 5ft 7. I have been dancing since I was 3 and have done ballet, modern, tap, jazz, contemporary and latin. I have had around 3 years latin dance experience but I have not yet started ballroom however I am a keen dancer and would like to do these styles of dance as a professional later. I am looking for a partner willing to take it seriously with some experience and able to learn with me. I am dedicated and have a natural ability. I would like to compete and preferably have a dance partner in or around Bedfordshire so that we can practice often without a long journey.



Name: Jade Pang

  Area :  Singapore

  Type of dancing : International Standard/ Latin + Social

  Level of dancing : Intermediate

  I’m  female, senior, 5’2’’ average in size + physically fit, seeking for a male advanced dance partner/ Instructor  5’4’’ or taller .

  Who is able to practice in day time , 2 or 3 times/ week , attending social events. Not competitive,  no pressure just for the

  fun of it . Practice with me + teach me more advance techniques .I’m quick learner, light + a good follower . I would  like to   improve my dancing as we go along, but at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.

  My e-mail add:



Deniz Karakulak is currently looking for a professional male dancer / performer to partner up with.

What she's looking for:

* Salsa dance background a must (On1, On2)
* Not must but Latin Ballroom experience would be a bonus 

My dance partner  willing to:

* Rehearse at least 2-3 times a week
* Can perform at corporate  events, congresses
* Willing to travel once a year

Only serious inquiries for a personal meeting, contact Deniz.

 #(647) 268 4523 michelle i live in virginia co. cavan, 16 years old and im looking for a competitive ballroom and latin dance partner...should be around 16-19 years of age...can have no experience... email me at




Slender, athletic 46 year old female (Vermont resident),

looking for International Ballroom & Latin competition partner (bronze/silver level).

Currently, training in Montreal, Canada. I would consider some travel for the right opportunity.

I have been dancing seriously for the last five years . Feel free to e-mail, serious inquiries only.


Please e-mail me at




Hello :-)

My name is Doris Goodenough

Area: Johannesburg.(northern suburbs)

Type of Dancing: Ballroom / Latin American/ social

My Level : Silver Intermediate. (Fred Astaire syllabus) but I would be happy with any level in a dance partner

Not competitive


I am a 48 year old lady. I used to do a lot of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing, but now I devote most of my time to work and parenting (as a single mom)

I would love to dance socially and occasionally with a middle aged to older man (Ballroom and/or Latin American). Any level of dancing is fine. .

No competitions, and no pressure to excell, just for the fun of it , (I would like to improve my dancing as we go along, but at a relaxed and enjoyable pace)

Doris Goodenough
c 082 567 1710
w 011 722 9000
fax 086 680 4943



My name is Pamela from London Ontario. I am only at level two ballroom lessons but am a fast learner. I am hoping to find a partner that is at my level but prefer higher that would be willing to join my class with me on Monday nights in St Thomas and hopefully Wednesday night practice! I am 5'4" 52yrs of age and want a gentleman that is nice looking and able to commit. I can be reached at



Hampton Roads, Virginia

Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Two Step, Salsa


Looking for athletic female partner with dance background for studio practice
Will train



  • First Name Kayleen
  • Geographical Area Edmonton AB/Sherwood Park
  • Type of Dancing Ballroom/Latin
  • Level of Dancing Intermediate
  • Competition Dancing or Not Yes

Looking for a male dance partner 17-25 in Sherwood Park/Edmonton area to train with regularly and eventually compete.

Contact me on Facebook. Kayleen Bourque

Or email



A VA girl of 12 years old of Novice, pre-Champ level is looking for a Serious partner of similar level.

NOVA area, Faifax, Reston, VA, or Rockville, Baltimore, MD, DC area.

contact -



10 year old boy, gold level, looking for a partner in Gold Standard and Latin.

Toronto, Ontario



Talented Juvenile/Junior girl is looking for a partner in Gold Standard and Latin Level. She can help financially.

Toronto, Ontario



Female 68 year old 5'1 widow seeking dance partner at bronze level or above for socialized dancing at Palm Beach or Broward dance establishments.
Dr. Sandi Harris



Hi there’s a Rock’n Roll group in Currock House in Carlisle. Or would you be interested in ballroom dancing in Carlisle . I am 41 female at a beginner. If you want to dance just reply to



Hi I'm Geoff.  I'm looking for a female ballroom dancer, 5'8" or higher, age 30-50 in the Portland, Oregon; Seattle, WA or the Tri-Cities region of WA state to dance Latin and Ballroom in International Style and eventually compete.

My teacher is Beth Knoll in Portland, Oregon (Former US International ballroom champion).  I've had lessons from many former US ballroom dance champions.

I am a young 55 year old.  6'3", weight 175.




First Name : Jade

Geographical Area : California, Vancouver

Type of Dancing: Salsa, Bachata, Latin Ballroom

Level of Dancing : Advanced

Competition Dancing or Not : Yes

Looking for a serious, dedicated advanced dance partner. Ability or desire to do lifts & aerials also good.


Age 50 , salsa , freestyle ,single , need a picture. Many years of experience . new hope penna.


Keene, New Hampshire
Ballroom Dancing (along with 15 yrs other dance experience)
Level: Bronze-Silver
Wants to start competing with Ballroom Dancing.
I am a 20 year old female 5'4" who has taken Ballroom dancing for 2c1/2 yrs looking for a male dance partner between the ages of 18-30 who is 5'5" or taller who has prior Ballroom dancing experience, who is interested in practicing, competing, and going to dances in the area with me. Should be passionate about dancing, willing to take dance lessons (esp. more advanced) with me, and live around the Keene, NH/ Brattleboro,VT area.





First Name: Chelsea
Geographical Area
: Connecticut
Type of Dancing:
American Smooth/Rhythm or International Standard/Latin
Level of Dancing
: Bronze/Silver
Competition Dancing or Not
: Competition

I am looking for a male dance partner between the ages of 21-25 years old. I am specifically looking for a partner to compete with and qualify with for nationals. Please contact me at or text me at 203.770.1019

First Name : gaurav singhal

Geographical Area : jersey city new jersey

Type of Dancing : Salsa

Level of Dancing: beginner

Competition Dancing or Not : Not now

I am just starting to learn how to dance Salsa and I need a dance partner that can join with my and have eager to learn it. I really love salsa and really want to learn it. I need the partner who also live near around jersey city and willing to learn.




Tracey Taylor

I am looking for a dance partner. I am a 5'7" female early 40 with 3 years ballroom. Jacksonville, FL area. Seeking someone to practice with between lessons.



Subject: Latin Dance Partner wanted!

Hi, my name is Shirley and I am looking for a male international latin dance partner. I live in the Chicago suburbs and unfortunately cannot travel much. I am 15 years old, 5'5'' tall without shoes. I compete regularly in open silver/open gold at the state, Midwest, and national levels. I am looking for a male dance partner ages 14-17, around my height, is at or above my level of dancing, and wants to compete! If you are interested or know somebody who may be interested, please email me at




Hello , my name is Tanya, I live in Mississauga, ON. I am 10 years old, 4'9" looking for dance partner ( a boy 10-12 years old) in Ballroom & Latin-American Dance. Level Bronze- Silver. I love to dance and go for competition.



Hey, I'm Desiree and I'm 18 years old looking for a partner somewhere around my age. I'm 5'3" without my dance heels on. My goal is to go to competition, so as much as I'd like to laugh and have fun it'd be nice to share my determination with someone as well. I'm more familiar with latin style, however I'm open to other things. If you're somewhere around NH feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

I am just starting to learn how to dance Argentine Tango and I need a dance partner that can help me develop this new skill. I really need to learn this so I can go out and 'finally dance' with my boyfriend who has six years of tango experience . Please, help !



First Name Roberta

Geographical Area Naples, Italy

Type of Dancing Latin couple

Level of Dancing Youth as international

Competition Dancing or Not Competition

Hi, im roberta and i'm 17. i'm from naples, italy and i'm looking for a latin dance partner who can live here...

email me at


First Name Ruth

Geographical Area Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Type of Dancing Ballroom Dancing – foxtrot, rumba, salsa, waltz, cha cha, swing

Level of Dancing Beginner

Competition Dancing or Not No, just for fun. Love it!

Hi I'm 53, 5'7" 200 lbs. and love to dance! I would enjoy social dancing, practicing, and or lessons as much as schedules would permit. Looking for a male dance partner in the Palm Beach Gardens area (northern Palm Beach County) interested in practicing and attending social dance parties. I look forward to meeting local dancers that are available for practice.

Serious inquiries only at
Chicago northern suburb
Beginning Ballroom Dancing
Tall man 6'3" 53 years old would love to learn with a woman who shares similar interest. Please be 5'4" or taller


First name- Keelin Eichert

Geographical Area- North Brunswick, NJ

Type of Dancing- Hip hop, Jazz, Ballet

Level of Dancing- Experienced beginner or Intermediate

Competition or not- Right now just for my showcases. I am eventually going to enroll myself into competitions but I need a male dance partner to want to work and join with me.

Hi I am looking for a male dance partner to dance with me for my September 10th 2011 showcase. Yes I know it is very short notice but I am a great teacher and most people I teach catch on quickly. I am 19 years old and stand at 5"9. I am in need of a male, in shape, and who is taller than me. This guy needs to be dedicated and want to try dances that are beyond our level. I am looking to make it out in this dance world and it helps greatly for someone to join me. I am looking for an age range of 20-26 with at least some dance experience in jazz and or hip hop. Thank you.


First Name- Heilee (Hayley)

Geographical Area- San Francisco,California

Type Of Dancing- Hip Hop

Level Of Dancing- Beginner or Intermediate

Competition Dancing Or Not- Not, More Like For A School Talent Show

Hi, I'm Looking For A Male Dance Partner To Dance With For My School Talent Show. I'm 5'4 & 1/2 (Without Shoes) So I Need Someone Maybe My Same Height Or Taller Than Me & 13 Yrs. Old. Looking For A Partner In The Age Range Of 13-15.

Email Me at For More Details!


First name- Elena

Geographical area- Portland, OR/Lake Oswego, OR

Type of Dancing- International Latin, International Standard, and Swing (East Coast and West Coast)

Level of Dancing- Amateur for both

Competition Dancing or not- Competition

Hi, I'm looking for a male partner that is at amateur or professional level. I'm 5'2 (without shoes), so anyone taller would work. Age range is 14-16 in the Portland, OR area.

Email me at



First Name - Tania

Geographical Area - Markham, North York

Type of Dancing - Latin, Standard

Level of Dancing – Silver in both Latin and Standard

Competition Dancing or Not – Competition

I am looking for a dance partner of appropriate age and height for my daughter. She is 8 years old, 137cm (4’5”) tall and has 4 years of dancing experience. She dances both Latin and Standard at Silver level. Please contact me at



hello my name is K de Marco, I'm looking for a female intermediate salsa dancer for upcoming events, I'm willing to train for free!!!

She has to be able to travel I'm in Houston Tx...





Hi All,

I’m looking for a boy 9-10 y/o for dancing Latin and Ballroom (standard) with my daughter.

We are in Vaughn, Toronto, Canada.

Any level welcome

.Please contact me




Name: Alison

Geographical Area: Gauteng South Africa.

Type of dancing: Latin American

Level of dancing: Professional

Competitive dancing only.


Name : Prakash Munuswamy

Area : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Type of Dancing : Salsa

Level of dancing : Beginner

Am looking for a female dance partner in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Am Indian, aged 28 and looking for a good looking female partner to join with me in salsa learning.

My height is 5’11… classes will be twice per week and the classes happens at Uttara…

Only serious enquiries : . Mobile : +8801678008114



Name: Jade

Area: Vaughn (Toronto / Woodbridge North York / Richmond Hill)

Type: International Latin and Standard

Level: Gold Competition: Yes

15 year old - looking for a dedicated partner: 15-18 years old Silver level or higher willing to train in Vaughn 5'5 - 5'10" Please contact:



Vanesa Stay is currently looking for a professional male dancer / performer to partner up with.

What she's looking for:

* Salsa dance background a must (On1, On2)
* Latin Ballroom experience (International)
* Modern / Contemporary type dances would be an asset

Looking for dancer willing to:

* rehearse 2-4 times per week
* perform on weekends
* travel 2-4 times a year

Only serious inquiries for a personal meeting, contact Vanesa.
416 876 7727 or



Hi My name is Helen. I am in Singapore, I am looking for a male dance partner for practicing Latin dance.

Level of dancing: intermediate level. I am 160cm tall. I enjoy and  love to dance. if you are interested in practicing too,

Please email me at



Hey, my names Ashli and I'm looking for a possible male ballet partner in the Columbia, SC area :) im 14 yrs old, and am not interesting in competitions right now. please email me!



Location: Seattle, WA
My name is Suzy
International Standard & Latin
Seeking male practice partner
Bronze level

My email: 



We are looking for a 14-16 yrs of age female shag dance partner for a 16 yr old shag dancer, he has been in shag dancing for 2 years and has competed. He is looking for someone in the Lexington sc or within a 100 mile radius … please email



First Name - Phil

Geographical Area - Detroit Metro

Type of Dancing - Greystone Ballroom/Traditional Ballroom/ East Coast/Latin

Level of Dancing - Beginners 1+ Years

Competition Dancing or Not - Not, keeping it FUN!

Hi I'm 50, 5'6" 160 lbs. and love to dance! I would enjoy social dancing, formal practicing, and or lessons as much as schedules would permit. Looking for a female dance partner in Detroit Metro area to learn practice & improve with.

Please contact me at Thank you!



I am from the METRO DETROIT area and I have been competing in International Standard and Theater Arts for about 7 years. I am 6’1” with a muscular athletic build. I work out quite a bit and I take about two privates a week. I am actually looking for two different female partners. My theater arts partner must be light so I can do overhead lifts which I always do in my competitive routines. My Standard partner just has be height compatible and like to practice. I enjoy having fun at practice but at the same time to take it serious and make it productive. If you have any interest please Email me at :




Cincinnati, OH

Swing, Hustle, Jive, Cha-Cha, Rhumba, Waltz, Fox Trot, Salsa, Meringue and free style to individual routines

I am a Bronze level dancer

I want to dance for fun and I would like to compete too.

I am 42 years old and have 5 years of training through Arthur Murray. I was in a bad car wreck- (not my fault) and for a while I had to get well before dancing again. Since 11/1/2010, I am dancing again. I want to find some to dance partner with and do competitions. I am 6’2” tall. I am looking for a partner 25 or older who wants to eventually compete.


  • First Name - Tara
  • Geographical Area - Looking for someone in Macomb or Oakland County
  • Type of Dancing - Ballroom/Latin/Salsa
  • Level of Dancing - I have had 15 years of extensive dance training in jazz, ballet, and lyrical and have won numerous first place national awards.  I have just recently started to explore ballroom and salsa and am very eager to learn.  I am a quick learner.
  • Competition Dancing or Not - I would be open to competing
I am a 27 year old female, 5'5" and 110 lbs.  I am friendly, outgoing, energetic, and attractive.  I love to dance!!  I have alot of natural dance ability as well as years of dance training and competing nationwide in jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap, and gymnastics.  I'm open to social dancing, practicing, and possibly competing. Looking for a male partner in the macomb or oakland county area.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Please contact me at

Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, London (Ontario) area.
Young, fit 46 year old woman looking for a male Latin Dance partner.  At Intermediate level-hoping to dance with someone at higher level.  Social dancing.
First Name: Cindy
Geographical Area: Vero Beach, Florida
Types of Dancing: Hustle, East Coast Swing, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata, Cha-Cha
Looking for a single male dance partner between the ages of 45 to 55 that is active and knows the steps to the dances listed above; and is in a 30 mile radius of Vero Beach. Want a partner that would like to get together every now and then for dancing. Someone that doesn't take dancing so seriously, that it no longer is fun. If interested, you can contact Cindy at


First Name - Daniel

Geographical Area - Vaughan, North York

Type of Dancing - Latin, Standard

Level of Dancing - Bronze/Silver

Competition Dancing or Not - Competition

I am looking for a juvenile silver or bronze dance partner for our 10 yrs old son. He is 144 cm (4’9”) tall, dancing Latin at Silver and Standard at Bronze/Silver level.

I can be contacted at



I am looking for partner for my daughter 6 years old .
Geographical area -Vaughan, Toronto
First name - Alexey
Type of dancing - Standard
Level of dancing 1 year experience
Competition dancing or not - Competition
I can be contacted at

First Name: Annie

Geographical Area: Ann Arbor, MI

Type of Dancing: Currently studying Latin; previously studied American Style Smooth/Rhythm

Level of Dancing: Bronze/Silver

Competition: I have not competed, but would consider local events

I am a 5'1" (without heels), 33 year old female ballroom/latin dancer interested in practicing 1-2 times/week and attending social dance parties. I look forward to meeting local dancers that are available for practice, and/or have an interest or aspire to teach dance -social Bronze Level (to begin with), all ages. Please contact me at Best, and Happy Dancing!


First Name: Tatiana

Geographical Area: Miami beach, Miami

Type of Dancing: international latin/standard

Level of Dancing: championship, intermediate

Competition Dancing or Not: yes, I would like to continue competing. I think it's much more fun and gives you extra motivation for practicing and being better.

I moved in Miami from Russia 1,5 years ago and would like to continue dancing here. If you are taller than 5.11 feet, 20-35 y.o. and wanna dance seriously, please write me

tanechka_iz_miami at



First Name: ELEENOY


Type of Dancing: LATIN/STANDARD

Level of Dancing: SILVER/GOLD

Competition Dancing or Not: COMPETITION

I am looking for a dance partner for my 12 yrs old daughter. She is 145 cm (4’10”) tall, dancing Latin at Silver/ Gold and Standard at Silver level.



I am looking for a dance partner for our 9.5 yrs old daughter. She 136 cm tall , dancing latin and standard at silver level. We live in Toronto. I am looking for 9-11 yrs old boy who is serious about dancing.

I can be contacted at



I am looking for a partner to practice and compete with. I dance International Latin and Smooth I have not competed but would like to. I am currently taking advanced classes and periodically private lessons. I live in Portland, Or. I have been athletic my entire life so fitness is not an issue. Dancing has been a wonderful change from my earlier activities although I have always been interested in dance as my daughter is a professional dancer (ballet and modern) and I have attended performances, classes and rehearsals all over the world. I am in my 50's.



  • Geographical Area - Northern NJ, 11 miles from Manhattan
  • Type of Dancing - Latin or Standard
  • Level of Dancing - Professional
  • Competition Dancing

Studio owner looking for 2 girls, Latin and Standard, to compete with experienced teachers who are new to the U.S.  Both boys have competed for years in Europe and the UK, and have some acclaim as competitive ballroom and Latin dancers.  Experience required.  We may hire you as a teacher, and can help with your relocation if you're a good fit.  Best age - 22-29. Latin under 5'6"  Standard under 5'8"



HI, My name is Bryan. I am looking for a female Carolina shag dancer. I am from Fairmont, NC about 1 hour from Myrtle Beach. The Carolina Shag is a state dance made in Myrtle Beach. It is a slower jitterbug style dance. Very cool type of dancing with fancy footwork. I am 16 looking for someone near my age to compete with me. I am a high level intermediate. I love meeting new people and dancing. If you would like to give it a try or you already know how, PLEASE email me at Thanks


Hi, I am recently retired and looking for  an energetic ballroom dance partner 45-53 years old. My name is Brent I am located in northwestern Pa I would like someone who is interested in all ballroom. I am better than a beginner but realize I have a long way to go. I would be interested in competition at a later stage :


I am looking for a dance partner for  my son: he is 11y.o and 150 cm., dance at silver ( and ready for  gold) level in standard ballroom. We live in Toronto.
Please send  email if interested.


I am an instructor at Fatcat ballroom in Pheonix Az. I search for an accomplished, no games dancer, serious about dance and competions to reach the next level.  Currently coach with Dutcho and Bree along with Julia Powers.

(3 times a week) I am small framed and need male of athletic build, with at least 2 yrs professional training within the age of 19 to 34 prefered height of up to 6' not less than 5.4. not of worldly, no morals nature.  partnerships are a serious focus.


I am a senior dancer who is currently dancing on the Silver Level of American Style Ballroom and am looking for a male dance partner.  I have been taking lessons in the Houston area for 4 years and have been averaging 4-6 hours of lessons each week.  I am looking for a dance partner who can accompany me on social events associated with my work, local competition and social dances.  I would prefer this partner to be 5 ft 7 in to 5 ft 10 inches for the best fit.  I find dancing a wonderful way of staying physically fit and maintaining a tolerable level of psychological well-being.  I also love doing show numbers at the local dance studios – it sets goals for improvement, but am happy with just the social side of dancing. 


My name is Harper Evans. I'm located in Ft. Benning, Georgia.

I'm looking for a female partner to casually pratice american ballroom, particularly waltz, tango, and argentine tango. I have some training in a number of dances and am more then happy to teach what I know and learn what I don't.

I'm not interested in serious competiton at this time and would prefer a partner on the taller side - I'm 6'2".

If you're interested, you can contact me at


Looking for Male Dance Partner - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am beginner Level in Salsa. Learn very quickly. I'd prefer a dance partner that is willing to teach, medium + level. Can dance about 2 times a week.

I am 5.8 tall and very good looking d lol



My name is Alyssa Reynolds,

I'm 17 years old, weigh 118 pounds, (I'm 5' 5). I'm looking if possible for a male ballet dancer close to or around my age. I've been taking ballet since i was 12 so I've had 5 years experience of ballet & I love ballet so much!!! I get more advanced each year & I want to continue to advance into the big level!!! I've been in pointe for 3 years & I'm currently taking private ballet lessons with my instructor till I find a male dancer. I've never had a male partner so I'm excited & I would very much like a partner to compete & dance with!! Because my goal is to become a professional ballet dancer & travel & compete & i need a male partner who wants this & puts their whole effort into this as much as i do!!! It'd mean the WHOLE world to me if someone agrees to do this with me, I'd probably beak into tears because ballet is my dream & I'm ready to take my foot forward & start the big challenge!!!!!! There's no rush. Contact me if anyone's interested. My email is






GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Canada, Toronto/ Winnipeg

TYPE OF DANCING: Salsa, Bachata, Cha cha, Samba, Rumba

LEVEL OF DANCING: intermediate

COMPETITION DANCING OR NOT: I am interested in competition (Ie Salsa congress), I would really love to compete at one of the Salsa congresses.-(Toronto. Miami, New York,..). I would also love to do performances which I have done before, and of course practice. Anyone male dancers interested please get back to me ASAP , Gracias :)

looking for a female salsa partner in south jersey ( from salem county to camden county) or phila pa or delaware. i am 5-10 180 lbs male age 42 into physical fitness weight training cardio trainingg, i am in great shape.just competed salsa 1 and i take private salsa lessons. i will get into ballroom dancing later on.....female age( any) i just want to become a great dance lead



DENNIS IN PORTLAND, OREGON: Looking for a female dance partner for competition dancing at Bronze Level in International/Standard Waltz, QuickStep, Tango and Viennese Waltz. Prefer partner who has competed. Twice a week dance instruction and once or twice a week practice. Contact dance instructor Mary Ann at telephone (503) 970-1735 for background and details.





Female ballroom dance partner wanted in Asia
I'm a 10 dance dancer, but I like more in ballroom dance, 6 years plus experience, my height is 168, 56kg. Chinese man. Looking for female below 166cm. and serious about dancing.



First Name: MICHELLE
Geographical Area: BROOKLYN, NY
Type of Dancing: BALLROOM
Level of Dancing: BEGINNER
Competition Dancing: YES I'm a 43 year old happily married lady w/two teenagers endeavoring to find a male ballroom dance partner just serious about ballroom dancing. My hubby is NOT interested, but gives me his blessing to pursue my lifelong dream. I'm 5'7", very fit, and prefer someone with a little more dance experience than me. Thanks!



My name is Mary and I live in the Atlanta, GA area. I am a 40+ married female looking for a 40+ male to ballroom dance with. I am 5'9" and am a dedicated beginner who would like to compete one day. I especially love the latin dances.


First Name:  Kay
  • Geographical Area:  Orlando, FL
  • Type of Dancing: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia y Cha Cha Cha
  • Level of Dancing: intermediate
  • Competition Dancing or Not: I want to

I am located Orlando, Fl , seeking a Male Dance partner for Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia y Cha Cha Cha.
While my dancing level is currently intermediate, I have never taken classes and really dance for the love of the music.

I've never danced competitively; I just do it for fun.  However, should the opportunity present itself, I'd be willing to try. I have a solid dance frame. And follow well; I enjoy dancing, and being in social settings.

I am 30 yrs old, 5'11", and 145 lbs. 


I am 28 yrs. old looking for a male salsa partner for possible competition in the Jacksonville, FL area. - Thank you.


Lori Talbott

* Seattle, Wa Area

* Ballroom (International and American, Latin, Rhythm)

* 8 Years dancing, 5’ 9”, 138 lbs.

* Would like someone to practice with and hopefully for competitions as well. I’m a very energetic woman who has a great love for dancing.


My name is Wes
Live in Philadelphia, PA
In search of a dance partner to practice with in salsa, bachata.
I am at the beginner stages of intermediate.
I love salsa and are trying to improve my skills, not really interested in competition. I am 44 years old and very energetic.


Hi, I'm Cindy, a 52 year-old female who lives in Orlando, Florida. Looking for a dance partner from the ages of 40 to 55 that is very active and physically fit. I'm looking for a partner that wants to dance just for the fun and exercise. He should like (and know how) to Disco, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata, Swing Dance, and the Hustle. I have a great sense of humor, but also a serious side, have a great disposition and positive attitude. I'm slim, attractive (so I've been told) and have a lot of energy. Feel free to contact me and we'll dance the night away!


Looking for Male international Latin partner in Pittsburgh area
Hi, I am a female in my 30's looking for a male partner aged 25+ to compete with. I have been dancing @2 yrs and am currently starting Silver level. Height is not a factor, since I am petite. I am very fit, able to keep up with the teenagers in class, looking for the same! :)

I study 4 hours per week (2 hrs, 2 nights) and am looking for someone who would like to compete regionally on the East Coast. I have a sly sense of humor, but am serious about my dancing. Rumba, Jive, Chacha, Samba and Paso. Partner needs to be committed, able to have the time and finances to take lessons with me, and to practice. If you are looking for someone with a winning attitude, let's see how we do.
Respond to
my name is Susan and I am looking for a dance partner that is willing to practice with me twice a week,is energetic and serious about getting better. I am not looking for a relationship only a dance partner. I would love to go social dancing together as well. I am determined to improve and maybe compete. I have two years of experience and have been taking private lesson from only the top pros. I live in the Orlando area
Hello my name is Erin and I'm 15 years old 5'1" and 130lbs. I am looking for a male dancer in my age group to help me with my dancing. If you've seen the movie dirty dancing then that's what I'm looking for, also swing dancing. I am a serious beginner. I am looking to see if any male dancer in my will also maybe teach me. I live right outside of Lebanon, PA. I love to dance and look forward to meeting someone to help me. If you wish to get in touch with me you can reach me at!
My name is Erin and I am looking for a serious  professional partner for 9 dance or American Rhythm. I would like to focus on Rising star and work our way up from there. I have been dancing ballroom for over 10 years and have done a few Professional Rising Star comps with a previous partner. Since I have been searching for a new partner I have been teaching on the side and keeping up my own skills. I have choreographed routines already to start out.  I am in Newburyport, Massachusetts which is not far from the Boston area. I am willing to do a reasonable amount of travel to meet for practices. I am looking for a partner who is dedicated and willing to put in equal efforts towards reaching our goals. I am not interesting in dating -only professional dancing and friendship. I am also open to anyone who is a talented amateur and thinking of turning Professional. If interested please email me at
I'm a resident in the Cincinnati area and I am looking for a former resident of Detroit who can teach me the Detroit style of ballroom dancing.  I was born and raised in Chicago and we have our dance style of Stepping and Bopping. However, once I had seen the Detroit style of stepping  I wasn't sure if I still wanted to step anymore. That dance is so smooth and Sauvé and I really would love to learn it. Also if there are any former Chicagoans living here which I know there is please get at me.  I can be reached at
I'm a resident in the Cincinnati area and I am looking for a former resident of Detroit who can teach me the Detroit style of ballroom dancing.  I was born and raised in Chicago and we have our dance style of Stepping and Bopping. However, once I had seen the Detroit style of stepping  I wasn't sure if I still wanted to step anymore. That dance is so smooth and Sauvé and I really would love to learn it. Also if there are any former Chicagoans living here which I know there is please get at me.  I can be reached at
I'm a resident in the Cincinnati area and I am looking for a former resident of Detroit who can teach me the Detroit style of ballroom dancing.  I was born and raised in Chicago and we have our dance style of Stepping and Bopping. However, once I had seen the Detroit style of stepping  I wasn't sure if I still wanted to step anymore. That dance is so smooth and Sauvé and I really would love to learn it. Also if there are any former Chicagoans living here which I know there is please get at me.  I can be reached at
My name is Antoinette, I live in the DC Metropolitan area.  I am  retired and have a passion for good dancing in Standard and Latin.  I am  silver level and take private and group classes from the best teachers  in the Maryland area.  I am 5'2 looking for someone a bit taller than me, who is at my level or better who is passionate about dancing and  who is interested in practicing international style ballroom once or twice a week during the actual dances that take place in the area on  weekends.
First name: Rick
Macomb County area
Any style basics first
Competition:  Lets get the steps and some lessons down first please I doubt there is time for this
My name is Rick I am a 5'8" mid 40's professional male. I am looking for a dance partner who is energetic and serious about taking lessons on a regular basis. I just started in Feb. 2009. I want to meet someone who is interested in spending time enjoying learning dance and learning to move together on the floor as one.  I am open to dancing with someone who is interested in being a partner, and wishes to go out socially together or as a group and practice - that would be so much fun.  If you are more experienced then some patience will be required for me to catch up. I enjoy most music from classical waltzes to top 40 and country.  Realistically, I don't know if I can do this with someone when there is no chemistry but I guess there is only one way to find out. Email me if you are interested in meeting to discuss the possibility of us dancing and having fun together. I have always wanted to do this but never committed to it.  So, why the add, well I need a partner for dance and possibly more - personality is more important than your age perhaps its time for us to join hands ...on the dance floor  ;

My name is Jessica Knaggs, I am 15 years old, and I live in Billingham, Teesside, in the North East of England. It is a real struggle to find a male dance partner aound my age that lives in the same area as me. In Ballroom, I am up to Gold, in Latin I am also up to Gold, and in Freestyle I am up to stars. I compete in competitions, and I take my dancing exams every time that they are available to me. If you are a male, around my age, and live near/in my area, OR if you know of a male around my age, who lives near/in my area then please contact me by email, which is:
Thank you
Jess xxx
I love dancing. It is great fun and keeps your fit.  I am at the intermediate level for salsa and I am really looking for a more experienced partner for salsa and ballroom to practice with.  I am really keen to learn and am determined to improve.  I would not like to say that I would never be good enough to enter competitions because with the right partner I feel I could go far.
I live in the Buckinghamshire area.
If you would like more information then do contact me at -
Hello my name is Megan.  I am a 25 year old female from Portland, Oregon.  I have been ballroom & Latin dancing for 5 years, but have danced my whole life.  I started competing professionally last year but unfortunately my Partner had some personal issues that now prevents him from competing.  I am a Silver level dancer and I manage the Arthur Murray Dance Studio here in Portland.  I am looking for a professional competitive partner in or around the Oregon area but for the right partner I would be willing to travel.  I would like to compete in American Rhythm but I am also interested in American smooth.  I would eventually like to get involved in the international dances as well.  If you would like more information or photos of me please e-mail me at
area: London-ilford IG2
dance type: Latin
Competition Dancing
my height is 160cm
Looking for male partner 5 to 6 years old to dance Ballroom with my 4 year old, she has been dancing 10 months and ready to start competing.
Oly's Dance Studio
Everett, Washington
Hi !  My name is Sayo ( Japanese ).  I am 5'4'' and 118 lbs.  Age: unknown
I am looking for a male Int'l style Ballroom dancer ( both Latin and Standard ) who I can practice with seriously in Pittsburgh, PA area.  I have been dancing over 10 years.  Thanks !

SOGRANDE, 5’6. ~  I am looking for a MALE Dance Partner in Los Angeles, CA  who is willing to join ballroom competitions and train as frequent as both of us can.  I consider myself an intermediate/advanced latin dancer with experience in salsa/merengue/samba/jazz/afro-cuban/ballet/hip-hop and more.   Please feel free to contact me at

I'm Sami Arifi.  I'm very known across United States and also on Dancing With the Stars very happy to work with my cousin Tony Dovolani whom was on the past 6 seasons show of Dancing With the Stars. Right now I am located and currently living with family in Stamford, CT..  I work part time for the Arthur Murray dance studio and I'm looking to not be known as just a dance teacher but more to that. I am looking to be involved in all aspects of modeling dancing a lot and being involved with entertainment performing and more. Please note: I am seeking a young female that's going to work hard, put effort and commitment to this. as of right now I also work on actors and part time working for a filmmaker in CT.  I hope to hear from you soon or if you know of anyone else that's interested in long term dance partner. Please note I am 27 years old my background is Albanian.
Hi, I'm from Co. Armagh in N. Ireland and is looking a partner who is a ballroom/Latin American dancer or someone willing to learn. .For practicing and dancing socially. I'm looking someone who doesn't smoke and is living local. Someone around 5ft 4 in height. If you are interested please drop me a message with a photo. All messages will be answered
Hi! My name is Caryn, and I’m 58, but look early 40’s.  Looking for Male dance partner for: salsa, ballroom, Chicago step, hustles, and anything else. You may email me at:  Would like someone between 45 – 60.

Hi! My name is Amy, 43 years old. 5'5" I am not overweight! I live in the Valley Forge, Pa area and I used to take dance lessons in the early 90s (Latin, Waltz, jitterbug, foxtrot). If you're game and would like to have fun dancing, I'd like to hear from you. Beginners are fine (I'm a little rusty). Let me know if you'd like to meet and go out on the dance floor

I am a Female in Louisville, Ky. looking for a male dance partner.  I am 26 yrs old, 5' tall, athletic build but a little out of shape.  I am an amateur wanting a partner to teach basics and get into more.  I have had some dance lessons and I am very coordinated, just need some practice.  I am a fast learner and interested in Latin dances and ballroom.    Looking to practice 2-3 times a week and go dancing socially.
My name is Angela and I live in the Jefferson City, MO area and am 39.  I am looking for a male to practice or take dance lessons with to work towards eventually competing.  I have been country dancing for years and I love to dance, but am interested in doing ballroom competitions
I am looking for a male who would love to learn Ballroom and Latin dancing, with the aim of competing in the future. You must be aged between 27 to 30 and 6"0 tall or above. You MUST have a great sense of humor and very down to earth. Please email me at with your picture and contact number. Thanking you in advance
Looking for a Male Dance Partner in New Jersey -
Hi, I'm 5' 5" and looking for a male dance partner, 30- 40 who can dance in New Jersey.
Type of Dancing - Tango, Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Zydeco
Level of Dancing - Silver
Competition Dancing or Not - no competition
email:   salsadancer74 (at yahoo)
Name:- Lisa
Location:- Singapore
Type of dance -:Ballroom, Latin 1 yr experience
Definitely dance competitive... I'm looking for a committed dance partner who is able to join competitions and train as frequent as both of us can...I'm 160cm without heels...guys preferably gotta be 165cm to 180cm...with experience hopefully and single between 20 to 30...thanksz...please feel free to email me at with your's a must! =)
Houston, TX
American & International Style
Growing Ballroom Dance Studio currently have 9 teachers and now looking for another male teacher for pro/am competitions, performances with the owner Sonia and teaching full time. Visit our website at 
Name : polnikol
E-mail :
Country : Greece
Age : 25
Gender : Female
Message : I am Championship level Latin dancer from Greece, 2 years first place in Greek championships (1,66 cm height without heel), study with some of the best coaches all over the world in order to build a high level & good career.
I m looking for a partner with high level, who really wants to reach the top & to be determinate in really hard work.
for more info contact me:
Looking for a male Latin partner to compete with around freestyle comps.
I am new to competition but have experience in Latin.
I am 5"4.
Look on cliftons_chick.
I have lesson in Grimsby.
My name is Rena. I am in the Portland/Beaverton Oregon area. I am seeking a male dance partner in ballroom/Latin.
I have danced much of my life, but dropped out for several years. I began taking lessons again this past June in ballroom/Latin. I have work to do before I can again be proficient.
I am seeking a male dance partner to practice with on a weekly basis. I do not compete as of this time, but, am hopeful to advance with enough practice. Therefore, I believe finding one "main" partner will help me get to that level. The most important thing for me is the dancing itself...
Thank you.
I'm a fair country dancer (2-step, waltz, polka, WC, EC, triple-2 etc.) and would like to get better and compete UCWDC.  I'm looking for a partner, probably in Colorado but perhaps somewhere else with a rich
dance culture.  I would relocate for a serious partner age 45-55, with some dance and a passion to get better.
Email me at:
Hi ~ I am YangYang, a slim Asian woman ( 29 year old,  5"5' height, 105 pound weight) living in Toronto area. I did Salsa for one year and currently are leaning Int'l Latin.
I would like to find a male partner who can practice with me and teach me more advanced techniques. I have good style and am a fast learner, good follower.
I am very musical and would like to practice everyday. The ideal partner would be at a higher level than me, between 27 to 45 years old. My email address is:  Thank you.
I am a Pilot in flying all over Europe looking for a  Female Salsa partner (beg/intermediate) to practice Cuban, Salsa/Merengue/Bachata during  layovers in main European cities  NOT for competition dancing.
My name is Angela.
I am looking for a MALE dance partner in the Ann Arbor / Detroit area.
I'm at the intermediate level in Latin/Salsa, Tango, and Ballroom dance styles.
I enjoy dancing for fun and a great workout. My goal is to  train to compete in these different dance styles in the near future. 
I'm 5'9", 150lbs, medium athletic build.  My schedule is somewhat flexible to practice at least 2 to 3 times per week (mornings, afternoon, or evening). 
I'm looking for an advanced male dance partner that is willing to teach me.  I learn fast and  I'm great at taking instruction and applying it.

Please contact me at 

Are there any male dancers willing to learn or teach any type of ballroom in the Grand Rapids, MI area.  My name is Patricia and I have not danced for quite a while (since I lost my husband).   I am at retirement age but certainly not ready to retire.  I am just looking for someone interested in dancing, needing a partner and wanting to enjoy life.

My name is Matthew Dunn and I'm looking for a lady go dancing with. I live in Newport, but I dance and work in Prahran as a massage therapist. I am interested in all forms of dancing but have no partner. I am an X-ballet and jazz dancer and look a bit like Rudolf Nureyev. I am looking for a lady of any age group.  If you are serious about dancing, please give me a call on Mobile 0408 557 379

Thanks, Matthew 

Hello - My name is Joseph, I live in Pittsburgh, PA. and I am an international student at Pitt.  I am a beginner level dancer and I love swing (jitterbug), salsa, meringue, jive and disco.  I am looking for a female dance partner with whom I can practice regularly.  I will not study for competition as I am a social dancer.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Josh Reyes
Arnold Nottingham
Compete ASAP

Hi, I'm Josh.  I have just passed my silver award in Latin, Bronze in Ballroom and Edga Newton award highly commended.  I have been dancing for just over a year now.  I am 6'1", slim, handsome, brown hair, and bubbly personality and am very sociable.  I have wicked rhythm and am very expressive in movements.  I have high standard in both Ballroom/Latin, but love Latin more.  I'm looking for a 5'6" and above girl with experience in both Ballroom/Latin.  Must be age 16 or close to as I want to begin adult competitions in January 2008.  I would like someone who wants to do competitions and keep at it to be competing for G.B.  I would like someone in the Nottinghamshire area so it's easy to travel to meet up for lessons.  I hate losing, which means I will put my heart and soul into winning.  Please be someone alike and who will stick at it.  I soak up info like a sponge.  For more info, please contact: or telephone 0115-9207211

My name is Jeanine.  I am a beginner ballroom dancer looking for a more experienced dance partner willing to help me improve and enjoy dancing with me!  I am not ready for competing at this time, but no against striving for such goals.  I live in the general Cincinnati area.  (Actually 25 miles north of downtown Cincinnati and most dances I have attended are in the Cincinnati area.
My name is Amy. I am 17 years old and stand at 5ft 9. I am seeking a experienced male dance partner between the age of 17-20 to teach me all types of dancing. interested? email me at
Seeking female dance partner up to 5'4" tall and height/weight proportionate.  I have taken C&W couples lessons for 5 - 6 years while living in Colorado, but I am in Louisville, KY now.  Any level dancer with a desire to learn more and have lots of fun!!  Email Blaine at
My name is Kissie ~
I'm looking for someone to teach or learn with me, mostly Latin but Ballroom too.  I know Detroit style Ballroom, Chicago Step, a little Latin, hustle, bop and a little Salsa. I am looking to learn for fun, but would compete if possible.  I am in the Detroit area.  I am 37, 160 lbs, Tall - 5'11", (without heels).  Mostly weekend or evening availability.  Email: or call cell: 313-424-9787
Lori Vowinckel ~ Pittsburgh, PA  Swing dancing Beginners/Intermediate Competition Dancing

My name is Kathrina. I live in British Columbia, Canada.  I am seeking a MALE dance partner between the ages of 19-25 in able to pursue a competitive dancing career.  I am young Asian and fit woman with the height of 5'8". I am an amateur dancer but once I got the basics I will be able to follow. I'm a hardworker and quick learner, so please do not judge me because of my lack of experience.
If you are interested you can reach me at

I am a 55 yr old single female looking for a male ballroom dance (within 5-8 years my age) partner in the Detroit, Waterford area.  I have had 6 years of ballroom training but not interested in competition.  I am doing a showcase in St. Clair Shores December 10.
Contact me at

Female, 48+, bronze level in all dances. I live in Louisville, KY and am seeking a MALE partner of ANY age who is interested in competing. I have some experience in Pro-Am competition, but am looking for a permanent amateur partner who lives within 2 hours of Louisville. I am willing to work til I drop and spend time on the road to find the right partner who will dance at least parts of both styles across the board. Please email Mari at

Hi my name is Dirk. I live in the Dearborn, Michigan and I am 39 years of age, 6'2" tall and my weight is shaped 184 lbs.  am seeking a female dance partner within my age or younger. My dance "career" is several years ago, but I know all basics of ball room dances like waltz, cha-cha, rumba, foxtrot, … additional I want to learn  salsa and tango, here I am beginner.

You can get in contact with me at


I am a 47 year old female who loves to dance but never had any formal training in ballroom or Latin, which I'd love to have, if I only had a partner!  Am happily married so not searching for romance - husband zero interest in dancing but gives his blessing for me to find a dance only partner.  Would LOVE to work hard and someday be good enough for amateur competitions.  Any takers? 

email Linda at

My name is Ania ~
I live in California.
I am interested in International Ballroom Latin American,
International Standard, and Salsa.
I consider myself to be a beginner but am looking to compete soon.
I am looking for a male partner who is dedicated but open to suggestions.
I would love to have a partner who competes but I am also fine with
having a partner for social dance.

If you're interested please email:
Looking for a female dance partner in Detroit metro area.  I and a beginning dancer and occasionally dance. I am 19 and new to the area and looking to joining the latin dance scene here. I dance traditional
mexican music, cumbias, salsa
. I am 19 years old and looking for someone between 20 and 17 years old. I just want to have a fun time on the dance floor but competition is a maybe. I am 5'9" and 160 lb. I am a little shy in the beginning but quickly warm up and lose it.

First Name: John
Geographical Area: San Francisco, CA
Type of Dance: Standard and Latin
Level of Dancing: Gold

Yes, I am looking for a female partner to compete in International Style
Standard and Latin. If you are interested in, email me at:

Hi my name is Mark I live in the Flint Michigan area I am 47yrs of age 5'8" 145-150 lbs. Seeking a female dance partner within 6--7 yrs my age. Know many different dances mostly like Hustle and West Coast swing, but know waltz, cha-cha, foxtrot, east coast swing, Texas two step some salsa and rhumba. I can be reached at

Female looking for MALE SALSA PARTNER
I am a very experienced salsa competitor and have been dancing for over 10 years.  I specialize in Salsa but also dance Bachata, cha cha, rumba, samba, merengue, swing, ballet, hip hop, and most ballroom styles.  I currently dance for fun at local clubs but am interested in finding someone to practice with and eventually compete with.  I am willing to work with a beginner (as long as you don't have two left feet!), however someone at an intermediate or very advanced level is preferred.
Located in Cincinnati, OH

My name is Sheryl and I'm looking for a male dance partner age 30 - 40 for Salsa dancing in the suburban Philadelphia area.

I am an advanced beginner and would like to continue to advance but it is difficult without a partner to practice and go dancing with.

My name is Heidi, I live in Atlanta, Ga . I am learning salsa dancing . I am looking to find a male dance partner age 38-48. to practice dancing. please e- mail me, thank you
Posted 3/06

I am 40+  male looking to find a ballroom dance partner who is able to keep up with my style of dancing.  I have worked with several ladies and they all quit.  I am married and have children.  I am a dedicated dancer looking for someone who is not afraid of hard work.

My name is Lolita. I live in Saylorsburg,  Pa. Type of dancing, a little of everything but especially Latin. I would like to find someone who loves to dance so we can practice together and hit the dance floor. Competition dancing or not??  There is a possibility, depending how well we click on the dance floor.
I'm Ursula.  I am a beginner and love to dance.  I am looking for male dance partner in the Metro Detroit to learn to Ballroom, Salsa or Meringue.  I'm in my 30's, but my partner's age doesn't matter, I've just always wanted to learn for fun!  I would compete if I had the skills, but a partner first would be nice....
My name is Conni.  I'm looking for a male dance partner in the Detroit Metro Area.  I enjoy ballroom dancing and willing to learn other dances.  Competition is not a serious goal.  Prefer age 40+.  
  • First Name:  Karen
  • Geographical Area:  Tucson, AZ
  • Type of Dancing:  Latin, Smooth
  • Level of Dancing:  Beginner, but quick study
  • Competition Dancing or Not:  Possible


Seeking Male Latin Dance Partner ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, USA.  I am currently at the bronze level.  Seeking a partner to learn, grow and compete with.  Must be fit, and tall, as I am 5'9" plus heels.  At least 6'1" plus would work well.

Hi ~ my name is Alexandra, I'm 15 years (DOB 17.11.90), height 162cm, blonde hair, I'm Russian but living in London for 10 years, based and taking lessons in Kent and South East London, have 6 year competitive experience. Seeking a male partner that is committed to learn and practice, to compete in Latin and Ballroom International / National amateur/youth, and willing to travel. If interested Please email:

My name is Ted.  I'd like to have a dance partner from the Metro Detroit area.  I just want to learn dancing for me, for fun, not to compete.  If I can find someone who doesn't know how to dance and is willing to learn on Sundays and weekdays only in the morning.  then I could be contacted at this e-mail address:  I'd like to learn ballroom dancing, Latin.
Looking for MALE Dance Partner in Central Valley, CA.
Hi my name is Elena and I have over 5 years of ballroom dance training in Standard and Latin. It's about 2 yr. I am not competing and doing show because don't have a partner. I'm looking for somebody 30 to 50 in the Fresno area, CA willing to do competition. I am 40+, regular build, I exercise every day to keep my energy at the maximum level.
I'm married and looking for a partner only for ballroom competition and practice, no socializing or dating.
I'm also currently teaching private beginner class every Friday night.
Hi, my name is Monika.  I danced for 4 years, I quit for 3, and now I am ready to go back into dancing with a serious and positive attitude. I am ready to dedicate my time and effort to dance, to compete. I want to compete and travel and work hard to become professional. I am 5'0 and 120 lbs. I am 19 yrs old so my dance partner should be a male between the ages of 18-25. I live in Linden, NJ. If you are interested please email me at
Hi my name is Sally,
I live in Kent, England and I am 43 yrs old, 5'3 and slim.
I am looking for a male dance partner to learn Ballroom and Latin with me 3 times a week. I want to learn The Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep and all Latin dances as well.
Please contact me. 
Name: Yekaterina Alferova

Area: Chicago, IL

Type of Dance: International Standard/International Latin

Level of Experience: Silver2/Gold/Open

Competition: Yes

Hi, I'm an amateur dancer seeking a committed dance relationship with a male partner.  I have had many different experiences with partners and teachers.  I am involved with International Latin & Standard dancing.  I have been involved with dance for most of my life and am currently taking private and group lessons 3 times per week.  I have been dancing Latin and standard for about 3-4 years and am working on open routines.  I would say I am in the silver/gold open level and am hoping to find someone with more than or equal experience.  I am seeking a committed dance relationship in International Latin/Standard dance (5 or 10-dance).  I am hoping to compete, perform, and enjoy practicing and learning.  I am seeking someone (male) about 16-25 years of age, and with intermediate-advanced dance experience.  We would practice 2-5 times per week with private sessions and practice time.  I'm in search of someone who enjoys dancing, can make commitments, can take constructional criticism, and have a positive attitude towards practice and lessons. I am about 5'3", athletic fit.  I have blue eyes and dark blond hair.  I am a student and would eventually like to study international business/marketing/advertising.  I speak Russian, English, and Spanish (also studying French).  I enjoy dance, art (painting & drawing), travel, sports, fashion, and people.  I hope to find somebody to grow and to share my dance experience with.

my name is Jennifer and I am looking for a serious Male dance partner who wants to Fox Trot and learn the Tango, etc. I learn quick and I am not a pro would like to compete at  beginner's level. Ann Arbor, MI area


My name is Yurii Utkin

I’m from Columbus, Ohio
I'm looking for a Female Salsa partner to practice and take lessons with. I’m a beginner.  I would love to compete one day.
My email is
Looking for a male dance partner in the Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids, Michigan area.
I love to dance to traditional Mexican music, or Tex-Mex,  Salsa, Swing.  I am beginning to take lessons for ballroom and Tango, etc., but I am a very quick to learn.  I am 5' tall and weigh 105 lbs. I would love to compete one day. 
Linda.  My e-mail address is:
My name is Rachel Pritchard
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio
Looking for a Male Dance Partner ~
Pro Latin / 10 dance partner for competition and showcase.

Rachel Pritchard

Looking for Female Dance Partner - San Diego, CA
Dances - salsa, merengue, bachata, tejano, cha cha
no competition


Looking for a Male Dance Partner in Atlanta, Georgia ~
I am located 15 mins west of Atlanta, Ga.
I am interested in Salsa/Merengue.
While my dancing level is currently medium-low, I prefer a dance partner with a level to medium-high :-)
I've never danced competitively, I just do it for fun. However, should the opportunity present itself, I'd be willing to try.
I am 23 yrs old, 5'6, and 140 lbs.
I'd prefer a dance partner that is willing to teach, as I am a quick learner :-)

My e-mail address is

I'm looking for a Female SALSA dance partner :-)
Looking for a Dance Partner in the Ann Arbor/Detroit MI Area
Level of dancing: middle
No competition dancing / dancing only for fun.
In Germany I danced about 2 times a week.
I'm 35, 180cm (or 5,84 feet) and have a slim/normal figure.

My e-mail is
Looking for Male Dance Partner - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Hi, my name is Elise and I have over 5 years of ballroom training, primarily in Standard but also Latin and am currently working on Gold (some pre-championship).
I am 45+, regular build, full of energy and tall, 5.10"
tall: just the ticket for a tall, musical male dance partner interested in some social but mostly training and competition.
I am very serious (but not somber!) and take 3-4 hours private instruction per week.
My favorite dance is the Fox Trot.

Elise -
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FREE Dance Partner Ad, Look for a Dance Partner, Find a Dance PartnerFREE Dance Partner Ad, Look for a Dance Partner, Find a Dance PartnerFREE Dance Partner Ad, Look for a Dance Partner, Find a Dance Partner

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